Footpath survey and clearance days

Until the end of 2016, we had kept track of the state of footpaths in our Area by dividing it into 2km squares. Our footpath volunteers took on responsibilty for a square and walked all the paths every couople of years to report any problems. Where problems were found they were either reported to the local authority or a small team of volunteers went out to cut back vegetation.

For 2017, we have revised the way we approach the care of the footpaths in our Area. Each month, a small group meets to walk and, if necessary, clear footpaths in our Area. We usually split up and complete around 5 miles of walking in small groups covering all the paths in a particular area. We finish the morning off with an optional visit to the pub for lunch.

If you'd like to join one of our monthly survey and clearance walks, watch for details on the website. Or you can contact John Haines, our footpath officer. You can phone him on 07836358791 or click here to send him an email. Please let John know if you intend to come on a survey and clearance walk so that he can arrange for a suitable number of walks and, more importantly, make a reservation at the pub. If you do join us, please don't wear your best walking kit. Cutting back vegetation can be a messy business and you will be better off in old clothing. Also please bring your own simple hand tools such as secatuers or pruning saws, gloves and goggles/safety glasses.

You can see below some pictures of what we have done so far